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Team CMG offers both live on-set production and post-production streaming services. For live production on-set, we offer QTake Remote Stream. It allows us to not only stream cameras in studio or on location, it also allows us to stream from camera cars and remote locations via cellular to just about anywhere in the world! We can accommodate up to 160 users. For a recent Old Dominion shoot with Tool of North America, CMG streamed from a moving camera truck in remote locations to the director at basecamp and homes across the country to clients and the agency. CMG provided conferencing and real-time full resolution video streams coast to coast, creating effective seamless collaboration.


 But what about my still shoot? We provide realtime streaming for still shoots, too! We supplied this service for Lincoln with Moxie Films, allowing agency and clients to attend a 4-day photo shoot virtually without missing a beat. 


Post-production services are a breeze with our 4K Dolby Vision Streambox system. It allows us to stream color accurate, full resolution video to the Director and DP of Witch House for remote color/VFX sessions with Dark Arts Entertainment and Horror Wasteland Pictures International.  Realtime work is more efficient and effective than sending multiple links and emails.  This is a service required by Netflix to be a Postproduction Partner and CMG is proud to offer this to all our clients. 


Give us a shout and let us show you how we can make your creative process all it can be.   

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