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CMG’s Work on “Between Waves” Plays Film Fests in Tampa, Manhattan, and Indianapolis

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We did the Color, VFX, and Finish on this 2018 Winner of the Grand Jury Selection for Best Florida Production at the 2018 Gasparilla Int’l Film Festival. You can catch it here in Indy on Friday, April 27th and Monday, April 30th at the Indy Film Fest. ” Between Waves” is also showing at the Manhattan …

Dan Meadows Joins CMG!

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Dan comes to us from the United Kingdom. He spent a number of years at Edit Pointe and won a National Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in a Craft: Editing. Editorial is a forte, motion graphics comes along as a natural companion for his broadcast works. From commercials to long form documentaries, Dan brings proven storytelling, …

2017 Gold ADDY Win with Borshoff and Word Industries

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CMG along with Word Industries, were honored to be a part of Borshoff’s Molecule Wall ADDY win at the 2017 ADDY Awards in Indianapolis.  Watch the submission video below.  

CMG’s Color Breakdown of St.Vincent Health’s “Education” TV 30

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This is a breakdown of how we created a nice unique look for St.Vincent Health’s “Education” spot. Click here to see the final spot.

Hallway & Doctor Comps in St.Vincent’s “Education”

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Round 2:  Learn how we merged a composited hallway scene background with different doctors on a green screen. Click here to see the final spot.