Got Streaming?

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Team CMG offers both live on-set production and post-production streaming services. For live production on-set, we offer QTake Remote Stream. It allows us to not only stream cameras in studio or on location, it also allows us to stream from camera cars and remote locations via cellular to just about anywhere in the world! We …

What to Help the Production Community?

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A close college and friend of CMG, electrician Brandon Darnay, set-up a fund raising campaign supporting the freelance community in Indy who lost work during this trying time. If you are able to help out, please give what you can. $1 can provide 5 meals through Gleaners Food Bank.

“Between Waves” Released Into the Wild!

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A fun and entertaining feature CMG provided color grade, vfx, online, finish, dailies, versioning and mastering for has officially been released. Our own Marc Wellington was also a co-producer on the film. Check it out here.

CMG Newsletter – September 2019

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Read our September 2019 Newsletter here.